Hotel Light Castle


Light Castle Winery is situated in the region of Ivailovgrad and has its own vineyards in the villages of Belopolyane and Svirachi, in the south-eastern tip of Rhodope Mountains. The region boats some of Bulgaria’s best soil and climate conditions for growing high-quality red grapes varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This wine heritage and tradition can be found in the many nearby ancient Thracian sanctuaries, considered by many as the home playground of Dionysius – the ancient Greek God of wine and festivity!



As you indulge yourself deeper into our world of wine, you can discover the magical and exquisite atmosphere of Light Castle Hotel and Winery Complex, situated in the very peaceful town of Ivajlovgrad. There, near the actual winery and close to our beloved vineyards, you can become part of our Castle of Light and not only benefit from the great relaxing opportunities that emerge there, but also a gain a new perspective of the entire wine-making process through personal contact with our professional staff of technologists and oenologists and of course through the tailor-made wine tastings and presentations




For Information and Additional Information:

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